Luca Pevere was born in 1977 in Latisana, Udine. In 2002 he graduated at the “Politecnico, University of Industrial Design” in Milan. He developed his graduation thesis together with the studio CDM Castelli Design Milano, on the analysis of a new aesthetic language in the field of industrial production and the development of a meta project for the requalification of the chair Marocca together with the theorist of the colour Clino Trini Castelli. From 2001 until 2003 he collaborated with the studio CDM Castelli Design Milano working on the study of new trends in the field of design and fashion, taking care of the program CMF Color – Materials – Finishes for important international companies (Hitachi, Legrand, BTicino, Mitsubishi Motor Corporation). From 2003 on he collaborated with Marco Ferreri, with whom he has developed products and has deepened his competences thanks to the research of production processes (Novecentoundici, Magis, Zerodisegno, Continental, Venini, Dainese), he dealt with graphics and coordinated images (Terme di Pré – Saint – Didier, Novecentoundici, Studio Italia Design) as well as with exhibition stands. In 2005 he won the competition “Maniago Design”. In 2006 together with Paolo Lucidi he established the studio Lucidi_Pevere, which deals mainly with industrial design and graphics. They are working among others with: Softline All Kit, Baby Expert, Domino, Arrmet, Reset. Paulo Lucidi graduated in 2001 in Industrial Design at the “Politecnico” in Milan. He developed his graduation thesis at the R&D Fila Sport Center in Biella. 

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