Centro Stile Scab

Centro Stile Scab


All SCAB products are designed by an international team of researchers and designers. Lead by the creative mind of architect Luisa Battaglia, the team has been extremely successfull in understanding the real need of the customers, going beyond the current trends, and always offering the best in terms of quality, at the most competitive prices.

The items included in the Design range are all original SCAB models

They have been designed and produced in collaboration with the CATAS testing laboratory. They are protected by shape patents, exclusive rights and undergo the most stringent quality control procedures.

Full recognition for quality has been given to SCAB by Bayer, by granting us a licence to use the Makrolon trade mark on all products produced by us in polycarbonate. This is one further guarantee of the uniqueness and reliability of the SCAB range.

Centro Stile Scab
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