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Amass: Company profile
Amass now has its own brand-new E-shop, the flagship store in London/UK,
the POP UP Store in Athens/Greece and
more than 2500 completed Residential and
Contract projects worldwide.
A design company, founded in 1969 by George Nikolaou, Amass is one
of the symbols of european design around the world.
A success story told through an incredible series of products – furniture, furnishings, lighting,
home accessories – manufactured in Europe.

" Εξαιρετικής ποιότητας και μοναδικού σχεδιασμού έπιπλα σε λογικές τιμές!
Ο τέλειος συνδυασμός! "
Georgios B. , August 2016

Trustindex for is: 5.0 / 5 based on 76 reviews.

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Our products are checked for quality at each manufacturing level and under go specific strength and
durability tests in accordance with European standard EN16139 Furniture – Strength, durabilityand safety –
Requirements for non-domestic seating. This is why we can give up a five-year warranty for structural
integrity and know that our chair will last much longer.
Continuous improvement and waste elimination
Waste means everything that increases product costs without adding a value. We still want
to offer our products for a reasonable price, so we cannot tolerate waste in our manufacturing processes.

The universe of our world wide Projects

For Amass every project is a fundamental link between the brand and the global public.

The collection is so vast and varied that it can be broken down into lines designed for specific product sectors,
as already happens with Amass Philosophy.

We look into our customer, ask what they need and approach them.
We know that every problem has a solution.


Amass focused on the web, through its official brands which have growing numbers of fans and a high level
of involvement and interaction, bearing witness the empathy the public has for Amass and its products.






Quality is one of the core priorities that AMASS respects in its production programmes as well as in its suppliers.
Apart from positive references; this is proven by the number of certificates awarded.
These include ISO 9001 certificates issued by the Technical and Testing Institute in Prague, whichtests the strength
of products of our suppliers. Environmental Policy is also in harmony with ISO 14001 standard.